Growing up I had an awesome model train set. After some trade show my dad bought us a 3 rail O gauge Lionel train set that came with enough track for a figure 8. It was fairly basic, but I fell in love with it quickly. I was about 7-8 at that time, and over the next couple of years my dad started to buy me more tracks, accessories, and started buying a line of New Haven passenger cars. Then one Christmas he surprised me by buying a matching New Haven engine, a MTH EP-5. Unfortunately I didn’t use it as much as I should have because it had an on board computer dubbed “Protosound” that was basically a micro controller that would control the train’s motors, couplers, and speaker. You could activate the features by pressing a series of buttons on the controller to form a command. Most of the time this was a pain in the butt and my 10-11 year old mind got frustrated so the entire set got boxed and forgotten.

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Convert FLAC library to ALAC for easy iTunes syncing

I have a good size FLAC library that I mainly play using Subsonic or Kodi. In the car, however, I use an iPod Classic that interfaces with the stereo. It’s kind of a pain to manually go through and convert everything by hand and make the artwork match. I made a bash script to run on my NAS running Ubuntu to take care of this for me.

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