Dynamics 365 – Flows – Use Environment Variables for Environment Switching

We’ve started to use Power Automate flows coupled with Dynamics 365 in place of workflows. It seems to be the trend that Microsoft wants us to make, so who am I to argue. One of the issues I ran into was building Flows that could work in both our production and development environments. For instance, […]

Dynamics 365 – UnknownIncomingEmailIntegrationError -2147220943 Exception.

Apparently, nobody has run into this exception on the internet. Whenever that happens, I like to write a post. In Dynamics 365 we wanted to set up out inbound shared mailbox to automatically create cases from inbound emails and route them to a queue. What seems to be an easy task turned into a classic […]

Dynamics 365 – Generate Early Bound Entity Classes With Azure DevOps

Within the wonderful collection of tools XrmToolBox is a tool we use quite frequently for Dynamics 365. It’s called Early Bound Generator and its purpose is to create C# classes that you can reference in your .NET libraries, plugins, command line applications, whatever you want. It’s pretty great and saves us from the headache of […]