Home Automation Via Sonic Screwdriver

One thing that really annoyed me about the lights in my room is when I went to bed I would always forget to turn the lights off and have to climb out of bed and turn them off. That sounds like a first world problem, and well it is. But I had a solution in mind. Back a few years ago I would control my lights with one of those cheap remote outlets you would find at places like Home Depot or Lowes around Christmas time. I took the only one I had a long time ago to see what made it tick. Before I ended up frying the remote, I discovered that it was nothing but a RF transmitting remote and receiver. The receiver would get the signal from the remote and flip a relay.

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The Ultimate Automated Ripping Machine

Recently I built myself a nice media center. I obtained a 16×3.5″ bay IBM server case. It’s 4U tall and really makes one hell of a system. This case is very, very big so I probably shouldn’t be using it as a media center case but what’s technology if you don’t over do it here and there.

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