Creating A Steam Cache In 15 Minutes

At home I have a custom-built NAS that I use for all of my storage needs. I use it all the time to store files like game client downloads and backups of my games on Steam. It just makes it easier to restore after an install or when a friend needs to copy a game over. Recently however I was referred to LANcache.

EDIT 3/2/2017

As pointed out by some commenters, the previous nginx config was incorrect and missing some server names. This post has been updated to reflect those changes.

I had to redo my caching server recently and I can 100% confirm that this guide will work correctly. Nothing like a clean install!

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Add a toggle for Philips Hue lights in iOS (Jailbreak required)

I recently got an iPhone 6. I’ve been a die hard Android fan for 5+ years and decided to try out iOS finally. One thing that bothered me is that Android is pretty open and widgets for stuff like Philips Hue are readily available. After jailbreaking my iPhone and doing some research, I found out I could add a toggle to iOS’s control center fairly easily.

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Light Sensing Switch

I’ve been a bit quiet recently. My last post was about controlling some lights with a sonic screwdriver with a Raspberry Pi handling everything. I’ve been expanding on it (which I will go into great detail in a later post) and one of the greatest tools I’ve found has been transistors. I’ve used them in the past but I’ve never really known what they actually do. It’s kind of embarassing because it’s so simple. In layman’s terms (and possibly the wrong description), a transistor is a sort of switch.

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The Ultimate Automated Ripping Machine

Recently I built myself a nice media center. I obtained a 16×3.5″ bay IBM server case. It’s 4U tall and really makes one hell of a system. This case is very, very big so I probably shouldn’t be using it as a media center case but what’s technology if you don’t over do it here and there.

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