Automated Ripping to FLAC (Linux)

I realized recently that I still had 650GB or so left on my 2TB hard drive in my media center, so I decided that in order to use up some of that space I could rip my CD collection to FLAC. For those who don’t know, FLAC stands for the Free Lossless Audio Codec. It’s basically saying, “Hey, we’re going to copy the music files off the CD at the highest quality possible, and then give it the ability to store metadata”. Normally if you use something such as iTunes to rip your CD’s it compresses it using a lossy codec. I previously ripped my collection at 320kbps M4A, which is absolutely indistinguishable to the human ear compared to a lossless codec that usually has a bit rate of 900kbps or higher. But for the people that know me, it doesn’t matter if it’s indistinguishable, I will make something big and complex just for the fun of it. Besides, imagine if one of my discs were damaged or lost, now I can just go on my computer and convert it to any format I want!
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