Creating A Steam Cache In 15 Minutes

At home I have a custom-built NAS that I use for all of my storage needs. I use it all the time to store files like game client downloads and backups of my games on Steam. It just makes it easier to restore after an install or when a friend needs to copy a game over. Recently however I was referred to LANcache.

EDIT 3/2/2017

As pointed out by some commenters, the previous nginx config was incorrect and missing some server names. This post has been updated to reflect those changes.

I had to redo my caching server recently and I can 100% confirm that this guide will work correctly. Nothing like a clean install!

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Linux Can Get Viruses Too (Apparently) or: How I Learned To Clean An Infected WordPress Install

I’ve been having a hell of a time combating my web server that this site runs on. It was first hit by some DDOSing, then someone exploited Revolution Slider which I had on another domain hosted on the same box. I ended up going through line by line in my themes and custom plugins looking for anything that could mess with the site. Continue reading “Linux Can Get Viruses Too (Apparently) or: How I Learned To Clean An Infected WordPress Install”

Visual Voicemail for iPhone with Google Voice

I got an iPhone recently and I noticed a lot of users raving about the visual voicemail functionality. If you’re on a prepaid carrier like I am (net10/Straight Talk), you don’t get this functionality. Luckily we can fake it with Google Voice and conditional call forwarding.

I used to use Google Voice back when I had my Nexus S on Sprint and could do carrier integration. Sadly those days are passed, but I still kept my Google Voice number. I think I can still port my phone’s number over, but I’m not wildly excited about putting all my calling eggs in one basket, especially since Google Voice has been pretty abandoned for a while. It works great for voicemail though!

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