A couple of posts ago I showed off how I made the lights in my room turn on and off with a sonic screwdriver universal remote. Since then I’ve been building on the same project. So far I’ve cobbled together something that might be similar to a very early day Jarvis (Tony Stark’s personal AI assistant). Okay when I say basic I pretty much mean it. Right now I only have control over my lights, thermostat, and my media center. It’s all controlled from one central interface: a Transformer Prime Android tablet that I’ve velcroed to the wall. Since right now it is so basic and doesn’t do everything I would like it to, I have named it Woodhouse.

EDIT: The GitHub repo should be updated now to the latest version.

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Light Sensing Switch

I’ve been a bit quiet recently. My last post was about controlling some lights with a sonic screwdriver with a Raspberry Pi handling everything. I’ve been expanding on it (which I will go into great detail in a later post) and one of the greatest tools I’ve found has been transistors. I’ve used them in the past but I’ve never really known what they actually do. It’s kind of embarassing because it’s so simple. In layman’s terms (and possibly the wrong description), a transistor is a sort of switch.

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Home Automation Via Sonic Screwdriver

One thing that really annoyed me about the lights in my room is when I went to bed I would always forget to turn the lights off and have to climb out of bed and turn them off. That sounds like a first world problem, and well it is. But I had a solution in mind. Back a few years ago I would control my lights with one of those cheap remote outlets you would find at places like Home Depot or Lowes around Christmas time. I took the only one I had a long time ago to see what made it tick. Before I ended up frying the remote, I discovered that it was nothing but a RF transmitting remote and receiver. The receiver would get the signal from the remote and flip a relay.

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