MAME Cabinet Conversion

I never did a write up on this and just now I’m really wondering why. A couple of years ago I built a MAME cabinet — well rather I took an existing arcade cabinet and stuffed a PC inside of it.

For those that don’t know, MAME stands for Muliple Arcade Machine Emulator. The basic premise of MAME is to act as an emulator for, you guessed it, arcade machines. We’re talking Donkey Kong, Metal Slug, Centipede, you name it! Now this is all well and good playing it on your standard TV, but some people need a bit more physical feedback. There’s huge communities out there dedicated to either converting old arcade cabinets or building their own cabinets to put a PC inside of. There’s four basic but crucial parts to a MAME cabinet:

  1. The cabinet itself
  2. Controls
  3. PC for running MAME
  4. Display / sound

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Automating Ubuntu Installs Via WDS + Active Directory Authentication

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If you don’t already know, I work at a small Racine County school district in Wisconsin as the sole IT sysadmin. I started there about a year ago, and ever since I’ve been trying to figure out how to make my job easier while providing the necessary equipment to students and staff. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is students rarely use Windows for anything other than accessing Google Apps via Chrome (and games, but that’s a story for another time). I started thinking to myself how we might be able to better utilize our existing hardware without spending a dime, and that’s when I came up with the idea to install Ubuntu on a limited number of machines. If you want to read on how I think that things like Ubuntu can get students more interested in technology, I’ve created a separate post here. Continue reading “Automating Ubuntu Installs Via WDS + Active Directory Authentication”

Remove Ads on Kindle Touch

Hey everybody! Recently I had the opportunity of poking around a friend’s Kindle Touch to see if I could disable the ads on the “Special Offers” version. And I’m glad to say it was a success, and it’s not that hard if you know your way around a Unix shell. EDIT: This no longer works for the newer Kindle Touch updates! Therefore, I am not allowing comments as I was being bombarded with the same question. Continue reading “Remove Ads on Kindle Touch”