I’ve switched from the standard off-the-shelf router you’d find in big box stores and the like in favor of a combination of Ubiquiti’s EdgeRouter X and a couple of their PoE AP Lites. It’s been rock solid, but after messing with my internal network over the past couple of days I noticed I was no longer able to access some services that I am hosting in-house. I run a dozen or so web apps through an nginx reverse proxy and open up ports 80 and 443 to my server to allow access by mapping some subdomains.

After I noticed that the connection was straight getting dropped while outside my network things worked as expected, I dug in a bit further and found two options that are probably the most low-hanging-fruit solution. The first was to enable the hairpin NAT option. This feature is also called NAT loopback. This option can be found under the “Port Forwarding” tab.

The second part to the solution I found is to make sure that switch0 is chosen as a LAN interface in the list directly below the hairpin NAT option. This fixed it almost instantly for me and with perfect time-reflective-acuity it makes total sense.

This was a pretty quick post, but I hope it helps someone that experienced the same issue as me!