A few years ago I converted my smart home to use Home Assistant. Since then it's morphed into a highly curated monster. Much of the content below are challenges or ideas I've had along the way.

Here's a collection of code snippets that may be referenced by other posts.

Since 2019 my partner and I have been 100% work from home. It's been great, but I needed a way to show if I was in a meeting and couldn't be interrupted. The solution was an RGB light that indicates my presence in Microsoft Teams.

After switching from Home Assistant's built in automation system, I moved onto Node-Red. Well, I've made the switch again but this time I get to write automations in C# with NetDaemon.

One of my biggest pet peeves is not being able to hear the dialogue of a movie or TV show because some sort of background noise is drowning it out. I was able to partially solve this by turning off my air purifier when the TV is playing media.