FlexColor is a companion application created for the FlexTight and FlexFrame line of products made by Imacon (now owned by Hasselblad). Finding all released versions of FlexColor can be hard as it's non-supported software. However, if you use certain film scanners like the FlexTight Precision II you might need to run a specific version of the software. I have cobbled up the versions I can find and have uploaded them to Archive.org for preservation.

Here is a list of versions of FlexColor available for download:

Version Download Link
3.6.6 Windows, Mac
4.0.3 Windows
4.0.4 Mac
4.8.9 Windows
4.8.13 Mac Windows

Note that later versions of FlexColor do work on 64 bit systems. Some firewire scanners such as the FlexTight 848 may still work on Windows 11 and later due to included 64 bit drivers.