Apparently, nobody has run into this exception on the internet. Whenever that happens, I like to write a post. In Dynamics 365 we wanted to set up out inbound shared mailbox to automatically create cases from inbound emails and route them to a queue. What seems to be an easy task turned into a classic hair-pulling edge case. In Dynamics 365 when setting these rules up, we were setting the owner of the queue, mailbox, and record creation rule to our Office 365 administrator user. The problem is this user doesn’t have the correct permissions for creating activities or cases. The solution is twofold:

  • We changed the owner of both the mailbox and the queue to our “Service” team.
  • The owner of the creation rule, however, cannot be a team. We set this to one of our service managers.

    Hopefully we are really just really dumb and nobody ever ends up reading this post, but if you’ve stumbled in here and it helps, you’re welcome!