Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 is notoriously hard to run on modern systems due to the PC port being pretty bad. Using the latest Proton build (7.0-4 at the writing of this article) and the base game install will crash the game immediately upon launch.

To get the game running I was able to utilize a few techniques from the game's entry on PCGamingWiki:

  1. Install the game on a Windows machine
  2. Copy the game files to your Steam Deck
  3. Download dgVoodoo2 and extract the DLL's under the MS/x86 to the game's root
  4. Download DCxDemo's Cumulative Patch and extract the files to the game's root
  5. Download the [THPS2 crack] and backup or overwrite your THawk2.exe file
  6. Add the game to Steam as a non-Steam game
  7. Change the target executable in the Steam entry from THawk2.exe to th2patchlauncher.exe
  8. Launch the game and configure the display to be 1280x800 (autodetect worked for me)
  9. Configure your controls using the Steam's controller configuration
  10. (Optional) Change the launch parameters in Steam to -F. This will skip the patch's start screen

For the Steam controller config I bound the following controls to mirror the standard PlayStation layout:

  • DPad = Arrow Keys
  • A (Ollie) = Spacebar
  • B (Grab) = B Key
  • X (Flip) = C Key
  • Y (Grind) = V Key

If you want to also have control over Nollie or Switch make sure to set those keys in the in-game control options. I ended up using the default keybindings because I didn't want to mess with both the Steam controller configuration and the in-game options.

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